Enjoy Organic Wines from Chianti Classico Vineyard

Enjoy Organic Wines from Chianti Classico Vineyard

Traditionally crafted organic wines lend to an incredible world of genuine products created from scratch with meticulous care for nature, tradition, and territory. organic wine agriculture plays a vital part in our wine production, and we do everything possible to preserve the land that gives us so much. From the production of wine, olive oil, grappa, and the creation of bespoke, authentic experiences here in Montemaggio, every done thing is filled with passion for our trade and love for our heritage, history, culture, and tradition.

Taste the essence of nature
Some of the best wines offered are-
• CHIANTI CLASSICO GRAN SELEZIONE DI MONTEMAGGIO; Ideal with red meat, game, poultry, white meats, rich pastas and strong cheeses. The new three-tier system of the Consorzio Chianti Classico was brought about to enhance the overall quality and provide a top tier of the highest quality, namely Gran Selezione. The original ideas were beneficial for the consortium, though it then, as explained above, has been argued that the selection process of the yearly Gran Selezione wines is too subjective and giving rise to conflicts of interest.
• IL CIELO DI MONTEMAGGIO IGT offers clients a fresh alternative to the reds, especially in summer.
• All Fattoria di Montemaggio’s wines are certified with the organic label, using only grapes grown following organic methods of agriculture, therefore without synthetic chemicals and GMOs. As a result, the sulfite content is very low compared to non-organic wines.
• TORRE DI MONTEMAGGIO; It is a full-bodied wine, rich and dense, with velvety tannins and a pleasant freshness and persistence and a pinch of red forest fruits. Both wines take these unique characteristics from the terroir and are perfect examples of “Terroir” wines.
An intense ruby colour, elegant taste, delicate bouquet, full of berry and grapes tones characterize each of the wine, whose full flavour and balanced acidity is highly esteemed abroad as well.