Opening a gold trading account using an auto trade gold platform

Opening a gold trading account using an auto trade gold platform

Ensuring the requirements
Before attempting to create a trading account on the auto trade gold platform, you should make sure that you have all the required factors ready. For instance, you should have identification proof with your photo on it to complete your account verification process. After verifying your identity, the platform would send you an email with an activation code. Only when you type this code on the platform, your account will get created. So, you should have an active email. The primary requirement is to have a bank account. You could not transact in the market without an active bank account. So, you must keep the banking details ready while creating an account.
Account creation
After checking your eligibility and requirements, you should create an account in the following steps.
Panthera trade account – Without a broker, you could not get involved in gold trading, and hence, you should create an account on Panthera. You would have to provide a valid user name on this platform along with your personal details and email address.
Email verification – Afterward, you will get an email with a verification code. You should paste this code on the next window on Panthera and click on “confirm”.
Accepting the terms – You can read the terms and policies of the platform and click on “agree” to finish the account creation.
KYC – Once your account is open, you should ensure your personality with the key identification documents that are asked in the account verification section. Usually, KYC will take one day.
Creation of a gold trading account – After KYC, you can set your gold trading account up with the necessary information.
Deposit – You can deposit the amount you wish to use for your trading sessions using the available deposit options.
Buy bot – You can buy the bot.

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